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Attractions - Places To Visit In Velhe

Mango Forest Agro Tourism is a holiday resort near Pune for adventure enthusiasts who are always thrilled for spending their weekends in the lapse of nature at the foothills of Sahyadri Hills. Located at the forthcoming tourist place in Pune, Mango Forest Agro Tourism is one of the convenient resorts to make up for all hurdles in the joy of the tourists.

Following Are The Nearby Tourist Attractions In Velhe :

Madhe Ghat

Madhe Ghat approx 7 km from the resort.

Madhe ghat lies to the southwest of Pune bordering Raigad district and in the vicinity of Torna Fort, Rajgad, Raigad and the backwaters of Bhatghar dam. It is about 850 meters above sea level and situated in dense forests behind Torna Fort. From this place, you can have a view of the vast areas such as Raigad fort, Lingana, Varandha ghat and Shivthar Ghal. This place is very cold and is a developing hill station. It is among the best places to visit in Velhe. 

In historic times, when the great warrior Narveer Tanaji Malusare died in the Sinhagad battle, his body was to be taken for the last rituals in his native village Umrath near Poladpur. Tanaji Malusare's funeral procession was taken to his native place from this Madhe ghat route.


Torna Fort

Torna Fort approx 6 km from the resort.

Torna Fort also known as “ Prachandagad “ is a large fort located in the Pune district in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is historically significant because it is the first fort captured by Shivaji Maharaj in 1643, at the age of 16 forming the nucleus of the Maratha empire.


The hill has an elevation of 1,403 metres (4,603 ft) above sea level, making it the highest hill-fort in the district. The name derives from Prachanda (In Marathi for huge or massive) and gad(In Marathi for fort).

The Torna Fort is a popular destination for trekkers especially after the south-west monsoon, from September to December. It is among the best places to visit in Velhe. 

Gunjavane Dam

Gunjavane Dam approx 8 km from the resort.

Gunjavane dam is one of the small dams located next to the village of Velhe Khurd. As compared to size, the dam gets filled even in a single rain. It’s the source of water for the adjoining areas of the district such as Velhe and Bhor. The capacity of the dam to preserve water is 19.59 million cubic metres. It is among the many places to visit in Velhe. 


Rajgad Fort

Rajgad Fort approx 26 km from the resort.

Rajgad fort, renowned as one of the gems of the crown of the Hindavi Swarajya, was the capital of the Maratha Kingdom under the rule of Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. After being the capital for 23 years, then later on fort Raigad became the capital of the kingdom.

Looking at its strategic formation being unable to be surpassed by the enemies, fort Rajgad presumes a valuable position in the historic events. It is among the best places to visit in Velhe. 

Panshet Dam

Panshet Dam approx 30 km from the resort.

Panshet dam also known as Tanajisagar dam lies to the southwest of pune city. Its built on the Mutha river and is one of the sources of drinking water for the residents of Pune city. The Panshet Lake formed from the backwaters of the Panshet Dam attracts the visitors due to its scenic location. The Panshet Water Park near the dam also serves for the water sports activity. It is among the best things to do in Velhe. 


Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort is approx 47 km from the resort.

Sinhagad fort, previously called Kondhana stands as a piece of firm evidence for a large number of battles that were fought on the fort. The fort holds its importance due to the great battle fought by the Maratha warrior “ Tanaji Malusare ”. Being located on the steep hills of the Bhuleshwar range hills, the fort was strategically important and was a milestone in the establishment of the “ Swarajya ”.

The fort is well known for its scenic beauty which includes the caves, the historic wells, the ammunition places and many but to name a few. It is the best places to visit in Velhe. 


Khadakwasla backwater & chowpaty are approx 40 km from the resort.

The Khadakwasla Dam is the prime source of drinking water for the Punekars. Its situated on the banks of Mutha river. Two canals are drawn from the dam to provide water to the hectares of farms in the nearby villages. The Khadakwasla chowpaty besides the service road serves as a snack point to the tourists. Khadakwasla Dam attracts large number of visitors due to its scenic beauty spread across a wide area.

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